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  • Cinco De Mayo!

    Posted on May 10, 2010 by Administrator

    Wednesday was a jammed packed day. I totally forgot it was Cinco De Mayo.
    Snippets of my day...
    *New Accessories @ YK SHOP I'm excited about-->Shajuky accessories, so CUTE!!!
    *Productive morning @ Intermezzo Trade Show-->Big projects in the works!
    *Ended it with Cinco De Mayo celebration with good friends: La Esquina-->Tracy Wilson Morning Skin Care Launch Party-->Engagement Party @ GEMMA ;)
    Peep my day...
    MAY 5th, 2010: Cinco De Mayo in NYC!

    My Cinco De Mayo celebration started early...5pm @ La Esquina!

    This is what Santa does when he's off during the summer...partying it up! :)

    Aww,Allan (he taught me how to do production overseas-my teacher) was in town!LOVE him!
    NEXT TOP...Tracey Wilson Mourning Skin Care Launch Party @ GEORGIA

    Tracey Wilson Mourning (So SWEET!) & Moosh. Tracy,if I meet my soulmate tonight, I owe you big time! ;)

    Can't wait to get neon lights for my apt..."Welcome to La La Land!"

    Johnny practicing playing daddy. :)

    Ooh,I've been hearing great things about horse shampoo-makes your hair thicker,healthy [...]

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