Discover the Vibrant World of YUMI KIM
Clothing for Unforgettable Moments, Thrilling Journeys, and a Colorful Lifestyle.

Reflecting on my cherished memories, I realize they're defined not just by the places I've been, but also by the outfits that made those moments shine. My life has been enriched by the presence of remarkable women, including my mother, whose penchant for exotic prints and bold florals, along with her elegance in the traditional Ao Dai, instilled in me a sense of strength and creativity.

These inspiring women are the foundation upon which YUMI KIM was created when I moved to New York in 2004 and was joined by a spirited Yorkshire Terrier named Yumi. Our collection is a tribute to the sunny color palettes and vibrant florals that echo the extraordinary experiences of my journey.

As a designer, mother, and avid traveler, my world continues to be populated by dynamic and influential women who shape the evolution of YUMI KIM. Every day, I am motivated to design pieces that encourage you to embrace your own adventures, to create memories that you’ll look back on fondly, thinking of where you were and what you wore.

Join us in celebrating a life full of color and adventure.

Kim Phan